Light Strains: Mike Difeo’s Extra Dimensional Sense

A great blog post from the NJCU MFA program about my solo show.


Mike Difeo’s “Continuum and the Flame,” an exhibit of photographs at Art House, exposes the parallel existence of light and our imperceptibility of light’s resonance in its own medium: time. DiFeo uses his movement in order to extrapolate the movement of light. The resulting images presented at the gallery only hint at the ubiquity of fleeting sight sources, reminding me of Stan Brakhage’s endeavor to permeate that extra dimension of alternative eye visions to our own fixed perceptions.

Temporality is not synonymous with continuity by distancing past amd future, but instead a modulation of which light is evidence of our need to be much more aware of other visions, other light only an expanding eye can trace, of which DiFeo has cast, “to create scenes that exist nowhere else but in the camera.”

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